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Psytrance bassline tutorial

In the following video, Sundog is used to create different Psytrance basslines. The tutorial covers various techniques that are common in styles like Progressive Psytrance, Tribal, Forest, Full On, Goa, Hi-Tech, Nitzhonot, or Psychill.

The cover image was drawn by Liú Quara of She specializes in psychedelic paintings and decorations for Psytrance parties and festivals.

Sundog Song Studio

Sundog is used in this video to create the different basslines and melodies.
You can download it here: (Windows, macOS)
A quickstart tutorial is available at (7 minutes and you will know everything you need).

Some thoughts on sound design

  • You should make sure that the kick and the bass are playing on the same frequency.
  • E, F, F#, and G are the most used keys for Psytrance.
  • The best tutorial on sound design can be found here: (kick and bass design, mixing, sound analysis by Sonic Elysium)

An infographic

Psytrance basslines infographic


I used Native Instrument Massive to create the bass sound. You can download it here:

In the video, I also added another simple sub bass layer. This is not included in the download.

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