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Grains and Fragments

Experimental Ambient Chillout
Price: Free
Contains 14 chord transformation presets for ChordPotion.

| Download package

These presets break up a chord in short single notes ("grains"). Use a dry percussive sound and send it through a BIG reverb like the free ValhallaSupermassive.

The final result is a lush, textured sound floor that can add depth to any Chillout or Ambient track. You can use it to enhance pads with another layer of ambience, or you can leave it as it is. Tip: Automate the volume or the filter of the sound source to add some texture or density to the mix from time to time.

PS: Do you like Chillout? Then ChilloutEngine will be an interesting tool for you. It contains many different presets that are very useful for all kinds of Chillout genres.

This video explains the concept in more detail:

ChordPotion info: Use the 'Copy package to clipboard' button to import the presets directly to ChordPotion. Click on the button, then open ChordPotion and use 'Clipboard button -> Paste from clipboard'. Alternatively, you can download the package file and import it with 'Clipboard button -> Import package' inside ChordPotion.

      Download 'grains-and-fragments.fys'


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