MIDI Echoes

Experimental Techno
Price: Free
Contains 23 chord transformation presets for ChordPotion.

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This package turns ChordPotion into a MIDI echo device. Send any chord through ChordPotion and the plug-in creates MIDI note echoes for you.

The resulting notes fade out over time. Each newly generated note has a lower velocity than its predecessors. Please use a synth that reacts to different velocity levels to hear the delay effect properly.

These presets create all kinds of twisted and rhythmic delay effects. There are two main preset types:

"single notes": these presets split the incoming chord notes into individual bands and then apply different rhythmic delays to each of them.

"full chord": only a single delay rhythm is used for all chord notes at once. Automatic inversions and strumming effects are added to spice things up.

This video explains the concepts in more detail:

ChordPotion info: Use the 'Copy package to clipboard' button to import the presets directly to ChordPotion. Click on the button, then open ChordPotion and use 'Clipboard button -> Paste from clipboard'. Alternatively, you can download the package file and import it with 'Clipboard button -> Import package' inside ChordPotion.

      Download 'midi-echoes.fys'


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