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The Piano Sessions

Rock Pop Folk Ballads Hip Hop Chillout EDM
Price: Free
Contains 26 chord transformation presets for ChordPotion.

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These presets will transform your chords into nice piano melodies. With a few clicks, you can turn any chords into soothing ballads, rhythmic breaks, and realistic backing melodies.

The presets work for many different genres, including contemporary hip hop, ballads, pop, rock, chillout, EDM, and house. You can export the generated melodies via drag and drop to your DAW as standard MIDI files.

"The Piano Sessions" is compatible with the MIDI plug-in ChordPotion. You can download ChordPotion here.

Preset previews:

ChordPotion info: Use the 'Copy package to clipboard' button to import the presets directly to ChordPotion. Click on the button, then open ChordPotion and use 'Clipboard button -> Paste from clipboard'. Alternatively, you can download the package file and import it with 'Clipboard button -> Import package' inside ChordPotion.

      Download 'the-piano-sessions.fys'


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