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Psy World (free Vital presets)

Psy World - Free Vital Presets

The power package for all Psytrance genres:

Psytrance Goa Progressive Hi-Tech Forest Psychill Full-On

Get 20 dynamic presets for the free Vital soft synth.

Dive into a world of energetic lead synths, iconic acid sounds, deep psy basses, and signature squelches.

Tip: Use this bank together with the TranceEngine plug-in for best results. Create mesmerizing psy basslines and melodies with TranceEngine, then send the resulting MIDI files through Vital + Psy World.

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About the package

This package contains presets for different use cases:

  • LD: Lead synth presets. From rough FM sounds to Full-On patches.
  • PL: Short, plucky sounds for fast paced melodies.
  • FX: Especially squelches. Use them with rhythmically played trigger notes.
  • BD: A kick drum.
  • BS: Bass presets. The tempo synced patches are optimized for basslines with 16th notes.
  • BS Acid: Bass sounds with an acid feel. These presets already contain a tempo synced filter modulation to create typical acid basslines. If you want to remove this automation, simply delete the connection between "LFO 1" and "Macro 1".

If you want to learn to make your own Psytrance sounds, I highly recommend the YouTube channel of Dash Glitch. His tutorials are insanely valueable, and I learned a lot from them.

How to install

"Psy World" requires Vital 1.5.5 or later. You can download Vital for free here:

Please follow these instructions to install the bank:

  • Unzip the downloaded package.
  • Open Vital.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top and select "Import Bank".
  • Select the ".vitalbank" file and open it.
  • The presets are available in the "Psy World" folder now.


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