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G# Raga Kumarapriya (India): The big list of chords and scale notes

Scale notes: G#, A, A#, E, G

MIDI file: scale_gsharp_raga_kumarapriya_india.mid (includes scale notes and chords)

Other root notes: [C], [C#], [D], [D#], [E], [F], [F#], [G], [G#], [A], [A#], [B]

Other scales: List of available scales


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Before and after ChordPotion

No common chords with bass note G#

Common chords with bass note A
A5: A-3, E-4, A-4

Common chords with bass note A#
Edim/A#: A#3, E-4, G-4

Common chords with bass note E
Edim: E-4, G-4, A#4

Common chords with bass note G
Edim/G: G-4, A#4, E-5
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