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Scale Chords License

You are allowed to use the MIDI files and graphics of this website free of charge for both personal and commercial works. The following rules apply:

  • You can’t claim to be the creator of these files.
  • You cannot redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license or offer any of the files to any third party. This includes hosting more than eight of these files on another site.
  • However, sharing single unaltered files on other websites is absolutely fine (eg. sharing an infographic on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,...).
  • Please don't hotlink the files.
  • If you use the files for presentations etc., you need to provide a link back to or

Some examples of what is fine:

  • You do a tutorial and use some of the images to explain the chords. You provide a link back to
  • You use the MIDI files for your own music.

But this is not OK:

  • You bundle some of the files and provide them as a separate download.

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