Which chords are good for which mood?

Each type of chord has a certain feeling or mood. If you are working on a chord progression, you may want to take a look at the following list to get some inspiration. But please keep in mind that the feeling of a chord can change - the chords that are used in the rest of the progression are influential as well.


  • Major (like "Cmaj"): Happy, bright, satisfied.
  • Minor (like "Cmin"): Sad, dark, melancholic, mysterious, serious.
  • Diminished (like "Cdim"): Spooky, fearful, doomed.
  • Augmented (like "Caug"): Disharmonic, suspenseful.
  • Suspended (like "Csus4"): Tension, majestic.
  • Powerchords (like "C5"): Powerful, forceful

Four note chords:

  • (Dominant) Seventh (like "Cdom7"): Funky, soulful, strong.
  • Major Seventh (like "Cmaj7"): Smooth, soft, jazzy, calm, thoughtful.
  • Minor Seventh (like "Cmin7"): Smooth, jazzy, mellow, contemplative.
  • Added Ninth (like "Cadd9"): Energetic, bright.
  • Major Sixth (like "C6"): Fun, Playful.
  • Minor Sixth (like "Cmin6"): Dark, mysterious.
  • Suspended Fourth (like "C7sus4"): Tension.

Turn on "Show chord tension" in Sundog to get some additional help. Harmonic chord buttons will have an empty background, disharmonic chord buttons will have strong stripes in the background.

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