Build your own MIDI controller. Easy as pie and highly affordable.


MidiMidi + MaKey MaKey = Your own MIDI controller for $80.

Have you ever dreamed about building your own MIDI controller / drumkit / instrument but weren't sure about all the technical stuff and the costs? With MidiMidi (software) and MaKey MaKey (hardware) it's entirely possible to build your own gear without any soldering. If you know how to plug in a USB device you are ready to go.

  Download the Demo (Windows)

See it in Action

Here's what you get

Fully MIDI compatible

You can send MIDI notes, MIDI chords, and MIDI controller values (CC) to your synthesizers or your workstation. A special Toggle mode can be used to trigger drumloops or mute tracks etc.

Build any MIDI device you can imagine

What about: A MIDI drumkit made of pans, a shaker that triggers your drum computer, an enhanced guitar with sound effects, a cymbal sound that starts when you kick your drummer's butt...

No soldering required

Simply connect alligator clips to objects that should work as MIDI triggers. Any conductive material like fruits, metal, or other band members will work.

Rock your audience!

Give your audience something to talk about! What will they remember more: Yet another laptop act or the guy with the crazy unique device?

Download the demo and test it with your setup:

How to get started

  1. Buy MaKey MaKey at their website:
        (Hint for Non-Americans: There are probably resellers in your country as well, just ask the almighty Google. I got mine in a German shop)
  2. Download MidiMidi, install it, start it
  3. Connect one side of an alligator clip to the "earth" part of MaKey MaKey and the other side to yourself
  4. Connect one side of an alligator clip to the "space" field of MaKey MaKey and the other side to a banana / a metal object / your mother in law / anything conductive
  5. Now if you touch the object you should see the "space" pad in MidiMidi lighten up
  6. Take a look at the settings and change the output device to something that works with your MIDI hardware or software
        (if you need a virtual MIDI cable to connect MidiMidi to other software I can recommend the free LoopBE1)
  7. Congratulations! You are ready to build the controller of your dreams now!

Hint: You can test MidiMidi even without MaKey MaKey by using your normal keyboard. Just press the keys that are shown on the pads.

You can also take a look at the MidiMidi FAQ if you have further questions.

More details

MidiMidi converts the input of the successful Kickstarter project MaKey MaKey into MIDI notes, MIDI chords, and MIDI controller values. As demonstrated in the video you can connect any conductive material like fruits or metal to the small platine by just using some alligator clips (ever played a digital drumkit on some cooking pans?). MaKey MaKey transforms the touch into a key press event and MidiMidi converts this key event to MIDI data.

MidiMidi is fully compatible to MaKey MaKey and its' gaming oriented standard key setting (W, A, S, D, Space etc). Ten keys can get remapped to send MIDI data to DAWs or synthesizers, four banks are available to organize different settings.

When I first read about MaKey MaKey I was immediately intrigued by the idea to build new gear without any soldering. I am more into software than into hardware tinkering, so making my own MIDI controller by just using alligator clips was quite appealing to me.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • The gaming centered key settings of MaKey MaKey are turned into real MIDI data.
  • Support for MIDI notes, chords, and MIDI controller values.
  • A special toggle mode starts and stops notes or loops with two touches.
  • Ten keys can get remapped.
  • Four banks are available to organize the settings.
  • Pads can have colours and labels for faster access.
  • Buy once, get updates forever.

Get MidiMidi now

  • MidiMidi
  • 19 EUR / $27
  • Control other MIDI software and hardware with DIY devices!
  • Send MIDI notes and MIDI controller (CC) values
  • Easy to use interface
  • 4 banks with 10 pads each
  • Supports the standard key settings of MaKey MaKey
  • Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Buy once, get updates forever
  • Test the demo here
  • Buy now for 19 EUR / $27

I use Share-it for sales. They offer many secure methods of payment including credit cards and PayPal. You will receive a serial via email with which you can unlock the demo once your offer is processed. Please note that there is no physical delivery.

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