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The plug-in bundle

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  • ChordPotion
  • MelodicFlow

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Songwriter bundle

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Included products:

  • Sundog Song Studio
  • ChordPotion
  • MelodicFlow

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Chords & melodies

Included products:

  • Sundog
  • MelodicFlow

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Chords transformer

Included products:

  • Sundog
  • ChordPotion

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The Engines

Included products:

  • HouseEngine
  • TranceEngine
  • ChilloutEngine

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Product comparison

Sundog Song Studio:
Sundog is a powerful combination of chord progression tool and step sequencer. First, you create your own chord progressions - simply by clicking on chord buttons that fit your chosen scale. Then, you use the built-in step sequencers to create harmonic melodies that always fit your chords.

Send chords through the ChordPotion MIDI plug-in, and ChordPotion will transform them into new phrases instantly (arps, rhythmic chords, basslines,...). Mix and combine different playing styles with each other to create your own unique recipes. You can export all phrases as standard MIDI files.

MelodicFlow is a MIDI performance plug-in that makes it very easy to play harmonic melodies and basslines right away. Simply send some "reference chords" through MelodicFlow, and MelodicFlow will make sure that the melodies that you play on the upper white notes will always fit these chords.

  Sundog Song Studio ChordPotion MelodicFlow
Concept See above See above See above
Works with DAWs Yes (virtual MIDI cable) Yes (as a plug-in) Yes (as a plug-in)
Works standalone Yes - -
Plug-in (VST, AU) - Yes Yes
Create MIDI files Yes Yes -
Create own chord progressions Yes - -
Work with external chord progressions - Yes Yes
Work with built-in scales Yes (over 300) - Yes (over 300)
Built-in sound module Yes Yes -
Control other synths simultaneously Up to 15 Up to 4 1
More info Click here Click here Click here
Price €59 / $59 €49 / $49 €45 / $45

Do they work together?


While each of these tools can be used to make songwriting easier, they all have different advantages. A good way to combine them is this:

Use Sundog to create nice chord progressions quickly and easily. Many built-in features make it easy to create sophisticated progressions even if you are a novice user.

Then drag and drop your chord progression to your DAW as a standard MIDI file. You can use these chords as input for ChordPotion and MelodicFlow.

While ChordPotion is perfect to produce polyphonic phrases, rhythmic chords, and basslines easily, MelodicFlow can be used to create memorable melodies without having to worry about wrong notes and music theory.

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