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HouseEngine presets

HouseEngine comes with many presets. The following "preset families" consist of different variations (for example, "keys 002" and "keys 021" are both presets of the "keys" family).

  • "keys": Evergreen piano rhythms with bass and top part.
  • "rhythmic chords": Rhythmic keys without bass note movements.
  • "rhythmic thin chords": Rhythmic keys with just two notes of the chord.
  • "melodious bass": Hypnotic bass riffs that mostly play on the associated Pentatonic scale.
  • "melodious bass harmonic": Basslines that play on the chord notes.
  • "rhythmic bass": Basslines that play on the bass notes of the chords.
  • "high strings": Classic, slow strings for the background.
  • "arpeggio": Repetitive chord melodies for all occasions.
  • "long notes melody": Melodies with longer notes.
  • "rhythmic layered notes melody": Two notes play a rhythmic melody side by side.
  • "short notes melody": Melodies with short, snappy notes.
  • "spaced notes melody": Very short melody fragments. Good for backgrounds. Add delay for taste.
  • "simple stab bass rhythm": Very short and snappy bass notes.
  • "simple stab chords rhythm": Very short and snappy rhythmic chords.
  • "simple stab scale note rhythm": Very short and snappy scale root notes. Good for a repetitive "drone" background rhythm.

There are also single presets that are useful for certain situations:

  • "legato bass": Good for simple, long sub bass synths.
  • "simple chords": Just the top part of the chords.
  • "simple full chords": The chord progression with top and bass notes.
  • "simple gentle chords": Chords with a little "strum" effect.
  • "simple large chords 1": Chords with added notes to make the sound fuller.
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