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MelodicFlow - Rapid melody mastery for producers.


Master your melody game in hours instead of years.

Use MelodicFlow to create and play stunning melodies, basslines, and riffs quickly. You will never sound off, as all your input is mapped to the right notes immediately.

Supported plug-in formats: VST2, VST3, AU. Works with any DAW.

Skip 500 hours of piano lessons

More time for melodies.

Mastering all the essential scales can be a lengthy process, especially when your primary goal isn't live performance but music production.

For music producers, mastering every scale isn't the goal; crafting perfect melodies is.

MelodicFlow can help you achieve just that. With a wide selection of over 300 scales to choose from, you can easily experiment with different scales and emotions to create unique melodies.

MelodicFlow's built-in MIDI recorder also allows you to capture happy accidents and refine them later on.

What customers say

Great plugin - really opens up the compositional process and moves beyond a conventional arpeggiator. Helps me keep my flow. Sam
Everything I need, and minimalistic.
Inspirational, and keeps me from getting bored. Vadim
Just bought MelodicFlow & SunDog, I use Reaper that have lots of scripts/stuff, but your software is so nice/clear plus the videos/documentation. Pictus
I bought and downloaded MelodicFlow a week or two ago and absolutely loved it - what it does is something I've been looking for for a long time and it does it well. Ian E.
I have Chordpotion, Sundog, House Engine and Melodicflow and they have helped me so much when i am making new music. Thank you for always working to make updates also, the plugins are extremely good value and more valuable than a lot of other plugins out there. You have made music more accessible to novices like me and i am extremely grateful. Marty
Thank you for taking the time to develop this product. Over the years, I’ve attempted to achieve such results via scripts and formulas and never quite got it right. What you’ve developed is so to-the-point and exactly what I’ve actually envisioned as a best-case scenario, it’s as if you wrote it specifically for me. Thank you for your brains and discipline, I get to enjoy it. Coatsie

Easy to use, powerful results within minutes.

Transform your keyboard playing.

MelodicFlow generates new MIDI data (output) from other MIDI data (input).

For example, you can use it to ensure that all your input notes stay on scale - even if you hit the wrong key.

This is how it works:

  • Add MelodicFlow to a track of your DAW.
  • Connect it to another synth or instrument - or use the built-in sound module. A setup guide can be found in the online manual.
  • Now pick one of the different MelodicFlow operation modes. The plug-in will transform your input and send it to your other synth.
  • It will also record the output notes for you as a standard MIDI file so that you can edit them later on.

Play any synth fluently. And never hit the wrong notes by accident.

Play any synth fluently.

MelodicFlow contains different operation modes.

You can switch between them anytime to create different types of melodies.

Choose your weapon:

Scale Bender
Scale Bender

Play any scale without hitting the wrong notes by accident. Pick a scale, then play on the keyboard as usual.

White Keys Jam
White Keys Jam

Play any scale without having to remember the correct notes. Simply play on the white keys of your keyboard instead.

Piano Player
Piano Player

This mode simulates the playing style of a bar pianist. Jam on trigger notes to evoke different emotions, and MelodicFlow will do the rest for you. Works best for fast paced melodies.

Mood Board
Mood Board

Switch between different moods (happy, sad,...) without having to think about it. Load some mood notes with the black keys, then play them on the white keys.

Advanced Mode

This mode makes it easy to harmonize your melodies to existing chord progressions.

The concept is simple:

  • Set the operation mode to "Advanced".
  • Then send chord notes to MelodicFlow on the lower octaves. This way the plug-in knows which harmonies are important for your song.
  • Now play on the white keys of the higher octaves. Now MelodicFlow will automatically convert these keys to harmonic notes that fit to your chords and the chosen scale.

Many scales to choose from

MelodicFlow contains over 300 scales that you can use for each mode.

There are the classics: Major, Minor, Blues, Pentatonic Minor - anything you need.

And of course there are all the different modes, too: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Aeolian,...

But there are also hundreds of other scales available, covering a big range of different cultures and influences.

Will help you produce your next album faster.

MelodicFlow was specifically designed for music producers who work in a DAW.

✔ Built-in MIDI recorder
✔ Quick page changes
✔ Full parameter automation


The built-in MIDI recorder makes it easy to capture your playing.
Begin by pressing play in your DAW, then jam for a while, and finally press stop. MelodicFlow takes care of recording the output for you. You can now drag and drop the MIDI data to your DAW to edit it.

Use eight independent pages to switch between different modes and settings.
Each page can be used for a different part of your song or for your live act. Use the lowest notes of your keyboard to change the currently active page - or click on the page buttons.

Parameter automation gives you full control in any situation.
You can easily switch between different settings without doing any page changes. Use your DAW to change root notes, operation modes, and more.

All these features can be used and abused for creative hacks and tricks.

For example, grab any MIDI file from a pack, regardless of its scale. Activate MelodicFlow's "Scale Bender" mode, select your desired scale, and route the original MIDI data through MelodicFlow. Watch in real-time as the plugin "converts" the original melody to match your chosen scale.

Buy once, use it forever. On all your devices.

When you purchase MelodicFlow, you will receive your personal serial. You can use this serial on any of your own computers, even on multiple devices at the same time. No online activation needed. Just download the demo and enter your serial.

All future updates are free forever, there are no recurring fees. Buy now and use MelodicFlow for years to come.

Compatible with many DAWs

Windows compatibility: Works with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11. 64 bit supported. VST2 + VST3 format.

macOS compatibility: Works with macOS 10.9 and up. 64 bit processor (Intel or Silicon) required. AU, VST2 + VST3 format.

Get MelodicFlow now

  • MelodicFlow
  • 49 EUR / $52
  • Create harmonic melodies, hooks, and arpeggios easily.
  • No music theory required to play over 300 scales fluently.
  • Five different operation modes for common songwriting tasks.
  • Advanced mode: Seven extra modes for automatic note harmonization.
  • Use 8 pages to work with different settings.
  • Optimized for standard two-octave keyboards.
  • Built-in MIDI recorder and sound engine.
  • Runs on Windows and macOS (VST2, VST3).
  • + AU MIDI effect format: Compatible with Logic Pro X.
  • Buy once, get updates forever - for all supported platforms.
  • Test the demo to make sure that MelodicFlow is compatible with your system.
  • Buy now for 49 EUR / $52

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