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Sundog Song Studio

Get rid of writer's block once and for all. Experiment with new scales, harmonies, and melodies easily.

Use Sundog to play around with chords and basenotes like a breeze. Go from calm, smooth, chill out styles to energetic upbeat tunes in a matter of seconds. Promised.

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What the press says

Insiders' tip! Working with Sundog is a real pleasure and leads to appealing results incredibly fast. Thumbs up for the clear user interface!
9.5 out of 10 points. Beat, #106, German issue
AskAudio Magazine
Producers starting out will find this a fantastic learning tool that will increase workflow. Seasoned producers may benefit from the sketchpad nature of this tool and come up with parts that they might not have come up with elsewhere. Lynda Arnold, AskAudio Magazine
I think it is a very fair price for what you get. Having the ability to quickly and easily create chord progression, melodies and bass lines is well worth the price. It gets my full recommendation. Mitch Slayton, AudioNewsRoom
Even seasoned professionals can save time and energy. Conclusion: Sundog is a creative tool that belongs on every studio computer. The price is more than fair, so Sundog gets our full recommendation. Keys

Compose your next song in 7 minutes

Four things that can make songwriting painful

Every song needs a good harmonic base. Once you have the chords going, set up a bassline and added some nice background melodies you surely know whether it's going to be great - or just meeeh.

But here's the catch...

Finding that song core is like digging for gold. It's a lot of work and oftentimes needlessly repetitive and annoying. Does the following sound familiar to you?

  • You have all the instruments ready for a song, but cannot find good chord progressions.
  • You wrote all the chords and background melodies, but now want to try different chords with the same melodic patterns.
  • You always fall back to the same keys and scales that you already know.
  • You know exactly how a melody / arpeggio / bassline should be structured and are annoyed by entering it note by note to match the chords.

Wouldn't it be great if you could skip the stuff that holds you back to experiment more? I know for sure that this was true for me. This is why I sat down to write a software that could help me reduce the friction - and that boosted my songwriting in more ways than I thought was possible.

Soo.. how can Sundog assist you?

Some of the scales

Sundog is designed to work with all major DAWs. All note output happens via MIDI. As long as you set up a virtual MIDI cable between Sundog and your DAW you are ready to go.

But even without a virtual MIDI cable you can create new songs and phrases, as Sundog contains an own factory soundset with over 100 instruments. And it can export MIDI files directly to other programs.

The first thing you do is choosing a scale and a basenote. Take C Major for example if you want to compose a happy song, or E Minor if you write a sad ballad. Just choose a scale and play some notes. You will quickly get a feeling for the mood of the scale.


In a second step you switch over to a special chords view. You can listen to chords by just clicking buttons - and they will all fit your chosen scale!

Once you have found some nice chords you can create a chord progression. This will be the harmonic base of your song.

Some of the chords
Move the mouse to trigger melodies

Back in the main view the real magic starts. You can use your mouse, your MIDI keyboard, or your computer keyboard to create new melodies. All your input can either be mapped to scale notes - great for leads! - or to the current chord notes.

This way your melodies will always sound harmonic! Now if you go back to the chords view and change some chords all your melodies will get updated at once.

What customers say

I'm about to test Sundog and think that the program is outstandig. I tested a bunch of chord- and song-tools, and for me Sundog is top class (I work with chords intuitively most of the time). Rainer S.
Just passing by to say a big thank you. I has a wonderfull evening yesterday. I didn't had so much fun since years with a music software. Benoit R.
I'm just a hobbyist with permanent lack of free time for creating music, so I hope it increase my "productivity :-). I also think that it can give me some basic knowledge about harmony. Thank you and best regards. Jacek S.
This has been a huge help in getting me to that next level in music production. I always had the hardest time with theory but this has really opened my eyes to it and with sound dog, I have already made some proper sounding chord progressions. Thank you so much! RUI
Sundog is one of the best tools for creative composing. It provides an excellent base for creating new song ideas while remaining very easy to use. The interface is very intuitive and contains a lot of presets and freely adjustable options. Sundog is not only a joy to use, but also a guarantee for great results. Thanks a lot for this amazing music tool! DJ GerryMK/Producer
Sundog has played a huge part of my success in turning around a massive amount of work in a very short time. It is not only easy to create chords progressions, bass lines and melodies, it is educational and fun as well. Having fun while working, who doesn't love that. Sundog, you are the most musical software I know. Bjarke

Extend Sundog with free packages

Download a growing collection of bonus packages to dive into new styles.

Extend Sundog with brand-new chord progressions and additional pattern rhythms. Use genre packages to explore different territories and create your own variations.


Quickstart help - get started fast with Sundog

Sundog comes with an extensive manual that covers everything you need for your songwriting. And there are also quite a few videos to get you started quickly. Check them out!

The Chords View.

The advanced guide to the Chords View.
Play chords with one key, create own chord collections and progressions,...

The main quickstart guide.

Highly recommended!
Learn the most important concepts of Sundog - and create a song in 10 minutes.

Advanced pattern concepts
Advanced techniques.

Advanced Sundog and songwriting tricks.
Learn more about the Pattern Trigger editor and various Sundog tricks.

Get Sundog now

  • Sundog Song Studio
  • 59 EUR / $59
  • Boost your chords:
  • Find the best fitting triads and four note chords for a scale.
  • Over 500 chord progressions + progression search engine included.
  • Create own chord collections and trigger them with one finger.
  • Import chord progressions from standard MIDI files.
  • Work with chord voicings / variations.
  • Create harmonic melodies quickly:
  • Draw melodies with your mouse or use the built-in step sequencer.
  • Let melodic rhythms follow your chord notes automatically.
  • Use the Pattern Finder to search through over 200 factory rhythms/patterns.
  • Exchange presets easily via the system clipboard.
  • Experiment with new scales and basenotes. Over 300 scales available out of the box.
  • Many songwriting tools for you:
  • Extend your preset library with additional packages.
  • Scale Finder included: Enter some notes that you already know and let Sundog search scales for you.
  • Work with different song parts to test progressions, bridges, and variations.
  • Cure writer's block by experimenting with new harmonies.
  • Convert MIDI note input (white keys) to scale notes and chords.
  • Works great with your other studio gear:
  • Export standard MIDI files - also via drag and drop.
  • Output: Standard MIDI note data.
  • Input: MIDI notes, computer keys, mouse.
  • Runs on Windows and macOS.
  • Ships with different dark and light themes.
  • Buy once, get updates forever - for all supported platforms.
  • Try before you buy: Test the demo here.
  • Buy now for 59 EUR / $59

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