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Sundog Song Studio
Sundog Song Studio - Your MIDI chords and melodies laboratory

Use Sundog to play around with chords and melodies like a breeze. Go from calm, smooth, chill out styles to energetic upbeat tunes in a matter of seconds. Promised.

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ChordPotion - Transform simple chords into amazing new phrases instantly

The ChordPotion MIDI effect plug-in (VST + AU) is your quickest way to create powerful and impressive harmonic phrases within seconds. Improve your songs and arrangements with authentic and professional patterns that react to your chords.

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MelodicFlow - Never play wrong notes again

Use the MelodicFlow plug-in (VSTi, AU) to create and play stunning basslines, arps, and melodies quickly. You will never sound off, as all your input is mapped to the right notes immediately.

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HouseEngine - Your House production specialist

HouseEngine (VSTi, AU) turns your chord progressions into expressive piano rhythms, deep basslines, catchy melodies, and sparkling arpeggios.

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XotoPad - Turn your Windows tablet into a MIDI multi-touch controller and instrument

Play virtual instruments on the go, sketch chord progressions, create dynamic beats, and control effects inside your DAW - right at your fingertips.

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Helpful tools & media

Scale Chords
The Scale Chords project

A big collection of over 300 scale pages. See the scale notes and most important chords for each key of your keyboard. Plus: Free MIDI files and infographics!

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Free chords guide
The big free chords guide for electronic musicians

In this free guide you will learn how chords work and how you can use them in your productions. Find out the different ways to change the mood of your chords and create nice chord progressions for your songs. Plus: Free software based ear training!

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Articles and tutorials
Articles and tutorials

Learn more about different music styles and how you can produce your own songs. Get to know the core techniques for great melodies and get things done.

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Other products

IsoPad - The free Windows touch MIDI keyboard

Use your Windows tablet to play any electronic MIDI instrument with your fingers. IsoPad is a stripped down version of XotoPad that concentrates on isomorphic layouts to play melodies and hooks quickly.

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MidiMidi - Build your own DIY MIDI controller the easy way

Build your DIY MIDI device. Easy as pie and highly affordable - it's entirely possible to build your own gear without any soldering.

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The plug-in bundle

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  • ChordPotion
  • MelodicFlow

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Songwriter bundle

Get the full package!

Included products:

  • Sundog Song Studio
  • ChordPotion
  • MelodicFlow

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Chords & melodies

Included products:

  • Sundog
  • MelodicFlow

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Chords transformer

Included products:

  • Sundog
  • ChordPotion

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